Move from the crowds.

Created to be run with a group, Living Faith is a five-week video and discussion series for those who want to move from the crowds to truly being a disciple of Jesus.

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A transformational five-week video and discussion series

This is the perfect resource for university chaplaincies, groups in a parish or even a bunch of friends.

What to expect

Each session involves watching some video content, engaging in discussion and setting goals to grow in the spiritual life.

Series Content

Presented by Fr Columba Jordan CFR, each week focuses on an essential aspect of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.



The Interior Life

We all worship something, whether we know it or not. We are called to put God first, and that means giving Him our time in prayer.


Developing a consistent prayer life.



Mass & Confession

There is infinite grace available in every Mass and confession, but our subjective experience may not reflect this objective reality. We need to switch on.


Unlocking more grace from Mass and confession.



Ongoing Formation

When it comes to formation, it’s easy to be passive consumers. Instead, let’s show up, get excited and be proactive about our own faith formation.


Turning down the noise and forming our minds.



Catholic Community

Man was not made to be alone; faith is something we live together. If you don’t already have Catholic community, join one or build your own.


Getting around other Catholics.



Personal Apostolate

Every Catholic is called to share their faith and there are simple, normal ways to do that. No megaphones needed. Just start the journey of discipleship with two friends.


Sharing our faith with others.

How to Run Living Faith


Get the free resources


Decide when and where


Start the invitations 

Everything you need to run the series.

Download the episodes below or simply watch them on YouTube. You will also need three guides which explain how to run the series for your group.

Organiser's Guide

Every group needs one person who’s really in charge. If you’re the organiser, that’s you!

Helper's Guide

Helpers are incredibly useful for larger groups! If you’ve been asked by an organiser to help, then this guide is for you.

Discussion Guide

Every guest, helper and organiser should have their own discussion guide.

Fr Columba Jordan

A native of Co Kildare, Fr Columba is a Franciscan Friar of the Renewal currently serving in St Patrick’s Friary, Limerick. He is the European Vocations Director as well as a popular speaker and presenter.


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