Forming a generation to live for Heaven.

What is Called to More?

Called to More is a Catholic media company based in Ireland. We create short-form videos and podcasts for social media and programmatic resources for the real world.

We create content in 3 pillars:

Knowledge of Faith

Jesus is worth the loss of everything, but does our time reflect that? While modern living is noisy, flashy and fast, getting to know Jesus takes time and commitment, but it’s worth every bit.

Relationship with God

Every Catholic must invest in their relationship with God. That means building a prayer life, frequenting the sacraments and going that step deeper on your journey with God.

Equipped & Confident

Every Catholic is called to share their faith, and there are simple, normal ways to do that. We help people have those tough conversations about the things that really matter.

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Called to More is a wonderful initiative which is engaging young people and tackling the deeper questions of life in a way which is attractive and thought-provoking.

Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan

Diocese of Waterford & Lismore

Our Team

Father Columba Jordan CFR


Katie Ascough

Founder & Managing Director

Fr Gavan Jennings


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