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Called to More is a wonderful initiative which is engaging young people and tackling the deeper questions of life in a way which is attractive and thought-provoking.

Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan

Diocese of Waterford & Lismore

Join our community of monthly supporters.

As a crowdfunded organisation, our existence and growth depend entirely on the support of individuals like you.

Opting for monthly giving provides us with the stability needed to strategically plan and produce high-quality, formational content.




Where can I find your content?

YouTube is our biggest platform. After that, look on Instagram, Facebook, Substack and all your favourite podcast platforms.

Can Fr Columba be my spiritual director?

Fr Columba would love to be everyone’s spiritual director. However, because he’s not holy enough to bi-locate (yet) and because of his commitments to his local friary and international CFR community, he is sadly not able to take on new spiritual directees.

Is all of your content really free?

Yes. We fundraise and have an amazing team of regular supporters in order to make this possible. (You could be one of them!)

Why should I become a monthly supporter?

We rely entirely on donations to continue and grow our mission. This keeps our content independent of external influences (we answer only to God) and it allows our resources to be 100% free for people to use.
Monthly supporters are particularly important for this model to work, because a monthly gift helps us to plan for the months ahead. By knowing what will come in each month, we can make informed and strategic decisions about how much content we are able to produce. (For the glory of God, and your enjoyment we hope!)

Can I give via Paypal?

Yes, thank you for asking. You can give to on PayPal.

Can I give by cheque?

Yes, thank you.
Cheques can be made out to: “Called to More”
And mailed to: Called to More, 17 Wyattville Pk, Loughlinstown, Co. Dublin, A96 E0K5, Ireland

Can I give by bank transfer?

Indeed, thank you.Here are our bank details, and please email if you need any more info.
Account name: Called to More Company Limited by Guarantee
IBAN: IE29BOFI90344549099371


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